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A Step into Luxury: Discover Palazzo Ignazio with Newsbook

In the heart of Valletta, a new chapter in luxury accommodation unfolds with the opening of Palazzo Ignazio, as reported by Newsbook in July 2022. This boutique hotel, part of the Bajada Group, blends Maltese tradition with modern elegance. With 23 bespoke rooms, each reflecting Malta’s vibrant colours and heritage, the hotel promises a unique […]

Spotlighting Malta’s Business Talent on YPO.org

The article from YPO.org showcases six exceptional members of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Class of 2022, including Mark Bajada. Bajada, renowned for his innovative leadership in solar energy and diversification into various industries, is featured among other global entrepreneurs. These individuals are recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to their respective […]

TVM News Highlights Bajada Group’s Boutique Hotel Investment in Valletta

In an insightful article by TVM News, the spotlight is on Bajada Group’s significant investment in Malta’s burgeoning hospitality sector. The group has unveiled Palazzo Ignazio, a €3 million boutique hotel that stands as a jewel in Valletta’s crown. Prime Minister Robert Abela, who inaugurated the hotel, praised this initiative for its innovative approach in […]

Bajada Lyons Group Founder Mark Bajada Elected to The Malta Chamber’s Board of Management

In an exciting development for the Maltese business community, The Malta Chamber recently announced the election of its Board of Management. This board, a cornerstone in shaping the future of Maltese commerce, plays a pivotal role in advising the Council on policy matters and overseeing the administration of the Chamber. Leading the charge, Marisa Xuereb […]

Politico.eu Explores Malta’s Solar Energy Surge and Bajada Energy’s Key Influence

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese Islands are not just a sunbather’s paradise but a hotbed for solar power potential. However, converting endless sunshine into renewable energy isn’t as straightforward as one might think. This challenge has been deftly explored in a recent article by Politico, shedding light on Malta’s ambitious journey towards […]